Now Dogs Can Detect Epileptic Seizures in Humans

humans emit a specific odor during epileptic seizures that some dogs can recognize.

We are all aware of Canines strength when it comes on to smelling. This miraculous ability of dogs has made them worthy for various tasks, especially in the field of medical science. No human technology can achieve, such as sniffing out drugs, explosives, and even diseases like cancer. Dogs are trained to respond to and even sense epileptic seizures before they occur, though effectiveness varies widely, and there’s been little solid scientific evidence that such a thing is possible. Further, it hasn’t been understood how dogs might be capable of such a feat.

As per the report published in media, a new study suggests that humans emit a specific odor during epileptic seizures that some dogs can recognize.

A paper published in the journal Scientific Reports says, researchers took sweat samples from seven patients with different types of epilepsy across a range of activities, such as resting, exercising, or having a seizure.

The scientists then placed the sweat samples in cans and showed that five dogs could be trained to recognize which one contained the samples collected during epileptic seizures.

This is the first time that it’s been shown in a published study that humans do emit some odorous chemicals during epileptic seizures, ones that dogs can pick up on. The paper opens the door to future tests or training approaches that might allow dogs to better respond or even sense seizures before they progress, says study lead author Amelie Catala a doctoral student at France’s University of Rennes.

To be clear, this study uses samples taken during a seizure, not before, and has not identified what these chemicals are or at what point they are released.




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